Blogs that can help my blog


The first blog that I have found that will serve as a good tool for my blog is the USA Women’s National Team blog.  This blog is all about women’s soccer and therefore will have a lot in common with my blog on the Rutgers Women’s Soccer team.  I think I will use this blog the most to aid me with posts that do not have to do directly with game action.  For example, the blog posts about different rivalries and also has specials on specific players on the team.  This is a great idea to use in my personal blog and will help switch up some of the posts so that readers will not become bored.



The second blog that could help me is not a soccer specific blog.  However, it is a blog for another sports team at Rutgers.  The women’s basketball team blog is helpful to me because it gives me ideas for both posts and layout of a blog for a Scarlet Knights team.  This will be helpful when I am designing my blog and will also give me ideas about what I could post when season comes to a close.  The blogger for their blog, Brittany also gave me ideas about the length of blog posts.



The last blog that will help me with my blog is more of a website but it has links to all different college soccer blogs.  This website will be helpful when I need to find out information to blog about what is going on in the different conferences or even the other side of our conference which will allow my readers to gain insight not only about the RUWS team but also about the many different college teams that we could potentially play.




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