Blogging: The Purest Form of Opinion

Unlike in journalism where there are ethical restrictions, blogs have always been and should remain tools of unrestricted thought. Therefore, bloggers should never have to fear censorship unless threatening to commit direct harm against another.


  1. lawirstiuk

    I don’t know how I feel about “bloggers should never fear censorship.” That’s not really something you can argue. You can’t really tell a person how to feel. Maybe instead you can say that bloggers should never be censored? But is that even a threat today in the United States? What about in other countries? It might be interesting to look at a country where this is actually an issue. Think more deeply about this.

  2. moyster60

    The point I am trying to make is that no blogger should never be censored. I know that China censors their bloggers and that mainstream American media limits their journalists (either through government action or through corporation action) so it brings up the thought that :will blogging be next. My response to that is that blogging should never be censored

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