Business Blogs: What it is, and what it isn’t

Many businesses have blogs.  What benefits would they bring to my business?  How much does blogging cost, both in web technology and human resources?  It seems there are clearly some business blogs that don’t do well – how can I avoid these mistakes?  And, bottom line: should I have a blog for my business?  A blog can be a beneficial asset to your business by bringing awareness,  personality, and new customers to your business, as well as building trust, customer relations, and more.  However, a business blog used incorrectly can actually have a negative effect on your business.


One comment

  1. lawirstiuk

    Great! I like that you have two sides of the coin here. I would follow one or two specific business blogs as examples so that you can provide the reader with concrete evidence for your argument. Also, please work on refining the sentence a little, and avoid using pronouns “you” and “your.”

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