H3i guise

Hey, guys! I’m completely new to this whole blogging thing so just bare with me. My name is Giselle and I’m a sophomore here at RU with plans to major in communication and minor in anthropology. I’m super into music, fashion, and, of course, food. I work at Alexander on College Ave so if you see me at the front desk, feel free to say hi! 🙂

My friends and me at Firefly Music Festival.

My friends and me at Firefly Music Festival.

 Like I said, I love music. Going to concerts and festivals are some of my favorite things to do! My music taste is pretty eclectic but I tend to lean towards pop-rock. My favorite bands are the Shins and Vampire Weekend.

Just like any other 19-year old girly girl, I love fashion. My favorite designer is Marc Jacobs even though I own like zero of his things. I’m just a poor college student, ya know? I like to go to thrift stores and find unique things—I’m big into finding old jeans and cutting them up to make boyfriend jeans or cut-off shorts.

I’m also a big foodie. I will honestly eat just about anything as long as sundried tomatoes aren’t involved. I basically became I professional sandwich-maker from working at a sub shop so if you’re ever looking for sandwich advice, I got you. 

My friends and family are also a really big part of my life. I grew up in Illinois and moved to Jersey a couple of years ago so a big part of me is still in the midwest with all of my best friends. Anyway, I love being with my friends, but who doesn’t. I even scheduled some of my classes with them, including this class. 🙂 

Can’t wait to read about the rest of you! 


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