A lil’ bit mo’ ’bout Moe

Me at Firefly Music Festival 2013

Hey  everyone, my name is Monique Gordon, but you guys can call me Moe. I’m a sophomore here at Rutgers University. I was born in New Jersey, grew up in Elizabeth and went to high school in Scotch Plains. I don’t bite and I always try to play nice. I’m into pretty normal girl things, good music, good food, and good times. I also like to giggle and play with glitter and confetti. I’m currently undeclared but am hoping to become a computer science major officially next semester, and I’m currently deciding what I should minor in so that is TBA.

I consider myself a Dougie girl at heart and will stand up for that campus until the end but I now live off-campus, close to college ave. I have five housemates a few friends and a boyfriend. Now all I need is a dog. Here is some photographic evidence that I do have friends, housemates, and a boyfriend and I only need a dog.

Photo on 5-23-12 at 10.11 PM
Proof of my boyfriend
Proof of my friends

I’m actually extremely excited about this creative writing course because I have always found blogs to be fascinating. I find it so interesting to see complete stranger so readily involved in and captivated by other strangers through a website. I’ve always wanted to be able to write a blog that would entice people to become regular visitors and I can’t wait to learn techniques and strategies on creating and maintaining a blog that readers might actually find worthwhile, and even more important one that I find entertaining and worthwhile, hopefully something I can be proud of.

& I can’t wait to share it with you guys!


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