Hello All, Nice to Meet You

Hello everyone, my name is Brian Moy and as the title suggests, it is very nice to meet you.

I am currently a sophomore and am mostly likely going to pursue a degree in accounting (or so I hope). My hobbies include: watching sports, playing sports, gaming, exercising, watching anime, hanging out with my friends and sharing a good laugh. I can see that many other people in this class like anime so I hope that we can all get into a group discussion one day! My hobbies also include the standard things that I believe all people like to do (ie sleeping, eating). After all, there is never a bad time to take a nap!

I won't fall asleep in this class of course but....

I won’t fall asleep in this class of course but….

As for my personality, I would say that I am a strange person. I love humor and comedy yet at the same time I can be pretty cynical and pessimistic. I do like the company of others and yet I would primarily consider myself to be a introvert. Overall though, I would consider myself to be a pretty friendly guy.

I don't really think like this but I thought this was funny.

I don’t really think like this but I thought this was funny.

I’m also a really into pc gaming. So if anyone loves TF2, Left 4 Dead 2, or has a Steam account, don’t hesitate to add me. My username is: March of the Pandas.

In terms of music I am pretty much all over the place. I love rap, modern rock, old rock, punk, jazz, ska, trip-hop, hip-hop, techno, house music, even a little bit of classical once in a while. A couple bands that have currently been bouncing around in my head is Streetlight Manifesto (a band that started in New Brunswick!) and a rapper named Wax.

Here are a couple of samples from these guys:

Streetlight Manifesto- Forty Days     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W53RjPJIAU

Wax- Music and Liquor               http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pFp8pcHeDo

Basically that’s me in a nutshell. I’m pretty much your average guy who likes sports, anime, and spends way too much time online. Nice to meet you ^.^

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