Im lame

I’ve literally used the word “lame” more times in the past week than I probably have in all the other weeks I’ve been alive combined.  My name is Wilson and I’m studying biology(premed) here at Rutgers, hoping to one day look like this. I’m really good at coming up with strange analogies that work and describing people’s faces using  other people’s faces e.g that girl looks like Italian version of Chelsea with Hannah’s nose. I wanted to be a professional eater growing up but that didn’t pan out so I guess I have to settle on being a doctor.

I mainly listen to pop punk music and I’m really sad that I couldn’t find tickets to go see Fall Out Boy today. My favorite bands are Marianas Trench and All Time Low both of whom I’ve seen live.  I also listen to EDM somewhat but it’s mainly just the stuff that my fraternity plays during parties so I wouldn’t really be able to hold a conversation with someone about EDM. I excluded the comma before the “but” in that sentence because wordpress is doing this weird thing where it makes it difficult for me to go back and add text in and it’s actually driving me crazy.

I speak Cantonese fluently and I used to speak Spanish semi-fluently because I volunteered in a clinic for a month in Guatemala. My parents immigrated here from Hong Kong but I was born in Philadelphia. I care a lot about Asian American issues and I’m currently taking a class called Topics in Asian American Studies.

My friends and I are big fans of Nicolas Cage and we’ve actually started up an annual event called Cagefest where we watch Nicolas Cage movies for an entire week.

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