A Little Something

A sophomore still confused about all the majors, and having a passion for food, dogs, great music, and good movies, I am me- Lisa Ko. I love blogging; it is a hobby that interests me and keeps me going. There are so many amazing blogs and posts that makes me laugh, gets me inspired, or makes me shed a tear. I often fantasize of having a blog that millions of readers will subscribe to; I know, it’s sort of strange, but I’m sure all of you have strange dreams you want to accomplish!

Me at the first RU football game! Big Football Fan!

Aside from loving blogging and all of the above, I love fashion. I have a Pinterest account that I constantly update with the latest fashion, cute pups, decoration ideas, food, and more.  [FOLLOW ME!]

I am also a big family person. Family over anything! Then comes great friends who I love to share amazing memories and stories with. I am a person who will help out anyone in need in a heartbeat- as long as it’s not something minute like getting the remote from another room. I also want to introduce my boyfriend of a little over 4 years. I don’t usually boast about him like this, but I felt he is an important person in my life! We are both big foodies, and he spoils me once in a while with little gifts. 🙂 He is double majoring in electrical engineering and some computer degree. I’m not a big math/science person… I don’t get to see him often due to school, but during the summer, we are inseparable!

My siblings & I at our first Yankee Game!

My siblings & I at our first Yankee Game!

We are probably the goofiest couple you'll ever meet!

We are probably the goofiest couple you’ll ever meet!


I also love cars… basically I love everything that is interesting and is constantly updated.

I also L-O-V-E food. I always eat at different restaurants and take different pictures of food. I know, the stereotypical, “You’re Asian so you take pictures of food all the time” must pop up in your head, but I don’t take pictures of allll the food I have eaten. I love recommending a place with a picture of the dish I ate, and I especially love when my family and friends visit the place and enjoy it. I am a Foodie! Check out my food on my Instagram feed, too. (As you can see, I’m crazy with social media related sites!)

Visit here for an AMAZING food blog.

I also love “The Walking Dead” and “How I Met Your Mother”. And you can’t forget “Top Gear UK”! These shows are intense, funny, heart-warming, information filled, and makes me happy.

my favorite character in TWD

I hope to major in the Business and social media field. I hope that one day I will reach great success. I hope that all of you find your passion and achieve your goals! I hope to share my happiness with all of you one day, and I hope that all of you share your great news with me too.

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