Meu Nome e Jordanna

Olá Pessoal!

Meu Nome é Jordanna Oliveira!


(That’s how we say Hello everyone, My name is… in Portuguese 😀 )

I was born in Brasil and lived there my whole entire childhood & half of my teenage years until I was 13.  After the age of 13, I moved to the United States and it’s today what I call home.  Learning the English language and coming to a completely different country was not easy for me, mainly due to the language and culture. Even today I have some difficulties with the language and various mistakes when it comes to my grammar and pronunciation.

I am currently a Junior and pursuing a major in Human Resources. I am very satisfied with my choice of major. Spare time is not in my calendar, I am loaded with classes from 9:00 am to 5pm and when I am not in class I am interning at United Stationers.  This summer I got very luck and was chosen for an internship with United Stationers.  This internship is allowing me to work hands with the human resource department.  I believe that this internship is only strengthening my passion and love for Human Resources.


During the weekends I tried to catch up onImage my TV shows and some trending music. Some shows that I have become obsessed with are Scandal, Mistress and Orange is the New Black. All three shows are a little bit girly, so fellows I don’t think you would really enjoy them! When it comes to music, I am very open. I don’t really have a favorite band or taste I just like to hear what ever sounds nice. But, I must say I am not a big fan of rock, heavy metal and hip-hop.  One of my all time favorite song is a song called:

 You Give Me Something by James Morrison 

This song means a lot to me and it does not mater how old it gets or how many times it gets played as my ringtone or in my Itunes playlist, it will be forever my favorite song.

Overall, I am a very down to Earth and open-minded person.

I am very easy to talk to and I am very excited to meet everyone in this class!

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