Sup guys my name is Evan and I’m currently a sophomore in the business school majoring in finance.  Hopefully I’ll be living and working in New York by the time I graduate.  I’m from Plainsboro New Jersey which is basically next to Princeton.  I’m in a social fraternity Theta Chi which is pretty chill, we do a lot of activities…  I’m a foodie that loves trying and cooking different kinds of food, I make some awesome fried rice.  I also play the guitar, work out, and watch TV shows like it’s my job.  My all-time favorite shows would be Community, Suits, Game of Thrones, Friends, and How I met your mother.  House music is literally my life, I love going to as many concerts as possible even though I’m broke.  I always like meeting new people so feel free to add me on facebook and get to know me.


One comment

  1. acalloway16

    Your TV shows are on point, especially Community. #sixseasonandamovie
    And I definitely understand the concert struggle. My wallet stays empty because of all the ones I go to.

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