That means hi in latin! I’m Kat, a junior at RU majoring in English and double minoring in Latin and Classics. I’ve always loved reading, and I have studied Latin for 7 years now. People ask me what I plan to do with these degrees after graduation, and I think the possibilities are endless. I’m interested in publishing, editing, or writing for a sitcom.

I work part time as a cashier and in my spare time I enjoy sewing and watching videos of puppies. One really cute video is the live Shiba Inu puppy cam, found here. I had a dog growing up, but now I have two hermit crabs as pets. I really love dogs, and when I was younger I wanted to be a veterinarian; however, math and science are not my best subjects (I’ve never even taken pre-calc!) so I decided to follow my other passions. I plan to get a french bulldog as soon as I am living on my own.

look how cute… 🙂

I am from north Jersey and I love spending time outside, hiking at Ramapo Res. or having picnics in the nature center in my town. Another fact about me is that I follow a gluten free diet, due to Celiac’s Disease, although sometimes I cheat and eat things that do have gluten because they are so delicious and I can’t stop myself. I like to cook healthy meals and try out recipes I find online. Finally, I spend a lot of time on the internet, so I am hoping to enjoy this class a lot.

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